Bringing content to life

Technology out of this world

TediBerry is an alien, he came to Earth from space to introduce new technology to people.

Tedi has a unique ability to bring character to life. In selected places in cities, he creates a special space where real and virtual worlds are connected. In these places, lively characters can talk with each other and with people.

We Can See You

For the first time in history, characters will be able to say to people: We Can See You.

TediBerry technology allows you to animate content related to film, TV series, music, computer games and sports. The characters are aware of the environment, they can see what people can see and also talk to us smoothly, they are independent, it means that in a special digital space they can make their own decisions and enter into advanced interactions with people.


Tedi allows the characters to walk around the city independently.

The characters can choose what they want to do. Advanced occlusion effect occurs in real time. In a special space, content sees the environment and is able to interact with it.


Tedi uses his highly advanced alien graphics engine.

To place characters in space at the same quality as in a movie or computer games. Thanks to the great quality we achieve an amazing immersion effect - the virtual world becomes more real than ever before. To achieve this effect, Tedi utilizes the engine in a new way to render the characters in the highest quality.


Tedi allows for combining real and virtual worlds.

In a special space, the characters are aware of the real environment and can see people. TediBerry uses its own localization technology to enable content and users to know their whereabouts precisely, in relation to the user, the world, and each other.

Come with us on this journey

TediBerry believes that allowing characters to see people will be something extraordinary, so he started the journey to "Bringing content to live"

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